Welcome to Massaro Communications Consulting LLC. This website has been designed to keep my clients up to date with the work I am doing in the Energy Sector. Since graduating college in 2011 I have started my own consulting company. A majority of my work revolves around public relations with a focus on; grassroots coordinating, social media, brand awareness, strategic communications, web design and media relations. The social media driven world we live in has called for greater transparency from businesses both large and small, we've learned that one tweet can set fire to a company or individuals reputation (see here & here). "News" good or bad, has the ability to reach millions of people in a matter of minutes. This instantaneous, free flowing, usually unverified information, has created the need for more public relations practitioners specializing in new media - social media & digital publications - while still maintaining a traditional PR approach to campaigns.

  • Joe always handles pressure well and can be relied on to handle stressful situations with a natural calmness. Joe can always be relied on to get the task at hand accomplished and at the same time help foster a team atmosphere, which I find extremely important. - Robert J. Clark, SUNY Oswego
  • Shale Markets, LLC. has been very impressed with Joe's knowledge of the industry as well as industry ties and a substantial network. Having Joe work with us has definitely helped us to grow our business. - Ray Padar, Shale Markets LLC.
  • Joe Massaro is a thorough professional. He’s not only a quick-study of any situation, but highly personable and able to generate high-quality work product with quick turn-arounds. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Joe and can recommend him highly. - Tom Shepstone, Shepstone Management Company.

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